11 September 2015




“Imagine there’s no countries…” Yes, as John said, it isn’t hard to do. But what if you could demonstrate that in the most simple way?

In the last 370 day we have visited hospitals, schools and horphanages, from Italy to Japan asking children to draw their dreams on paper. We did that travelling on a 1965 Fiat 500.
Cultural diffences is usual what you see on surface of people but if you ask “what’s your dream?” you’ll understand that we all root in the same land. Dreams are connected, no matters latitude, religion or anything which is supposed to divide us. And these dreams have the power to delete borders. We have lived more than one year hosted in little villages, camping anywhere, bathing in rivers. We exercised the right of living the planet, which it should be anyone’s right. We would love to tell this story in a documentary film but actually more than a story, is a message of hope, adventure, immagination. It’s a dream. Help us to bring this message as far as possible. No words to describe our gratitude.

BeRevolution – The Project


BeRevolution is the story of a lifetime journey on a 1965 Fiat 500, started form Italy on July 3rd 2015 and endend in Tokyo, Japan on July 8th 2016. Our dream has always been to know as much as possible of the planet we are living in, using travel as tool. We have been lucky enough to experience that in a little part, and the world has always welcomed us. But one question remained in our hearts: how can we turn our dream in something useful for others? What can we give back to people?

So we decided to transform our adventure in a project: BeRevolution. The name come from a simple message we wanted to give: Be your Revolution, don’t wait for others. We realized ourselves how dreaming could be contagiuos but above all a connection with anyone. So we begun to collect dreams, starting from children in hospitals, schools and orphanages where dreams need a louder echo. We were bringing them papers and crayons asking to picture their whishes. More than 400 kids in 14 countries have partecipated.

The result is just fantastic: we noticed that dreams are similar despite cutural differences, and we were witness with ours that sometimes they even come true. We are on Kickstarter today to ask your help for spreading their voices all over the world. We would love to make a documentary film to bring their smiles in your place.

The Adventure

With this project we had the chance to live an incredible adventure. Travelling overland gives you the opportunity to see the shades of humanity. There is not cultural shock: changes come meter after meter and you can nearly touch the invisible thread which links human beings.

As already said no one refused hospitality. We got in touch with beautiful stories written in this book called earth. Beside, travelling with an old, small and funny car like ours gave us so much attention. Not only people hosted us. Even nature did its part giving us shelter everywhere.


Charity involvements

We could get in touch with hospitals thanks to FORMA Onlus, an association working at “Regina Margherita” pediatric hospital in Turin which gave us the full cooperation. During the trip we run a fundraising for them on our social media pages. Their goal is to make the hospital more susteinable for children.

So far we have collected and donated more than 20.000 Euros.

The story Behind – How everything started

A Trip. In Sardinia. It started as nothing so serious and then it became a big push for everything you’re reading here. A Question. On the spur of the moment it was a simple one, almost a joking one. We all heard it coming from the heart to the mouth: “Where do you think a 500 could arrive?”.

And then September. It was September. It was September in Sardinia. And for us it was like that. It was September when Valentina, Luca’s girlfriend, was born in 1983. It was September when after celebrating her 30th birthday, she flew away. In that moment we met FORMA Onlus, chosen by friends to give the money collected.

She would have done the same, being an early childhood teacher at the Moby Dick kindergarten in Turin. She devoted all her days to children and we want to dedicate to all of them our Trip.

Why do we need your help now?

We have collected footage around the world but we need professionals to develop it.
To create the movie we have in mind, we have to face the costs you can find listed below.


Mattia dreams to heal all the children of the hospital.



The art of getting by. A big passion for motors and an insatiable desire to discover the world.



PHOTOGRAPHER – http://andreabonventre.it

My passion was born from my trips, and then it became my job. I take photographs of the world to understand it. To understand me.